Pests can be defined as unwanted animals & insects that interfere with normal human activity. They bite, destroy food crops, damage property, and make our lives more difficult. Effective pest control requires some knowledge about the pest and its habits. The first step is to identify the pest correctly; the second step is to learn about its lifestyle. After that, you can evaluate strategies to control your pest. Below I have outlined proven strategies to take care of several well-known pests.

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The most effective way to control termites is by prevention. This may mean removing firewood piles from the house. Any wood, lumber, or even paper debris close to a home's foundation is a potential home for a colony of termites. Termites need an entry point into the home so make sure there are screens in place on every outside vent and regularly inspect any other wood components of the home. To know more about termites control, see our post about termites below:

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The most common strategy for eliminating cockroaches is keeping a clean home and limiting food sources. Cockroaches are hardy creature that that are difficult to kill; they can live for a full 30 days without any food. The best efforts at kill cockroaches involve bait stations and traps. Poison have little or no effects roach nests. Cockroaches are smarter and more adaptable than most people realize and even the eggs of the cockroach are designed to beat most extermination efforts.

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If you have pets or kids, using traps is going to be the best option for eliminating rodents. Non-poisonous bait can be placed in the trap. It is important to consistently check the traps to make sure if a rodent has been caught. Poisons offer the same results but Rodenticides should only be used in places where pets or kids aren't going to have access to them. Remember, it's against the law to place rat poison in a place where kids or pets can access it.

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One effective method of killing fleas is by the chemical bombing method. Insecticide "bombs" are released in the home, these chemicals settle into the carpet, clothing, and upholstery of furniture so that the insects can't hide. It takes about 2-3 bombings to completely get rid of fleas because flea eggs are remarkably resilient. Treating pets is also a key component of killing fleas. Generic flea collars may not provide adequate protection for your pet. Pet anti-flea medications, shampoos, and liquids may need to be used in conjunction with other pest removal methods.

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The simplest, most direct way to kill a wasp is by attacking it with a flyswatter. This works best if you are attempting to get rid of a small number of wasps. During spring, wasps come out of hibernation and tend to be slow and sluggish, making it easier to catch them. When the wasps are low on energy and crawling around your floors, you can get rid of them by sweeping them out of the door with a broom or by sucking them up with a vacuum cleaner.

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