Silverfish are tiny little grayish blue/silver creatures (about one-third to three-quarters in length). They have two thin antennas, flat bodies, hairs, and feet. Silverfishes are nocturnal creatures, which mean they do most of their destructive works while you are sleeping. Since they are more active at night, you may have lived with them for a very long time without even knowing.

They are believed to have existed for over 350 million years and they are very capable in terms of surviving. They have long life spans which contribute to the difficulties we have in eliminating them. Silverfish can be virtually anywhere in your home including closets, couches, beneath beds, garages, within electrical appliances, and so on. They depend on dark, hot, damp, and humid places such as damp attics, laundry rooms, steam tunnel, and wet basement for their survival.

An adult silverfish can live up to about 3 years and the females are known to lay eggs all through their adulthood. During its lifespan, one female adult silverfish can reproduce up to hundreds of offspring. Therefore, if you have silverfish infestation in your home, just get ready to deal with the adult silverfish as well as the eggs they lay in cracks around your home. To make matters worse, if your home provides a suitable/breeding atmosphere for them, you are possibly going to house an increased number of silverfish.

Silverfish Have a Crazy Diet - Beware Of Book Damage

If you are presently having silverfish problems and you intend getting rid of them, be prepared to do some crazy stuff. One of the silverfish's main diets is paper, others are glue, cardboard or other starchy substances, including cardboard, toothpaste, and so on. Shockingly, these are things we find around us that we use every day, this makes the possibility of eliminating these bugs very unlikely. But, don’t be afraid there are other ways to achieve this. Read on!

More importantly, the silverfish diet should give you enough reasons to take proper care of your books. Silverfish are attracted to books because they contain substances these bugs love to eat. Books bindings contain protein, starch, and glue, making them a good source of food. The effect of silverfish on books is so diver stating that it could result in slack pages on the book. And, this is not something encouraging, especially when it involves a book that is very important to you.

Silverfish Elimination
Silverfishes cannot only damage your home but make it a hell of a place to live in. Clearly, that is why you are reading this article on how to get rid of these bugs. No matter how difficult they have become to eliminate or how adapted they are to surviving, they can still be eradicated forever is you are ready to take on the challenge. In fact, this article will show you how to eliminate silverfish in five surprising ways.

1.    Prevention
As we all know, prevention is better than cure! It is clearly the best medicine. This adage is very effective if you really want to get rid of silverfish. You should always remember this in anything you do in life. Hence, silverfish prevention is the best way to eliminate them, simple!
Silverfish like a humid, hot, and moist places in your home, such as the shower. To help prevent silverfish, always close your shower door immediately after use. More so, you can run the ventilation fans to dry off moisture in the rooms that have things to do with water. More so, silverfish feed on starchy items. You will do doing yourself a great deal of help if you stop adding starch to your clothes. These are certain ways to prevent silverfish infestation.

2.    Keep Your Home Clean
Regular vacuuming is another effective way to get rid of silverfish. Make sure you vacuum in cracks, wall boards and other hidden places in your home. This will suck up some of the adult silverfish and eggs as well as dust mists which silverfish like to feed on.

3.    Water
As we stated above, silverfish love moisture. As a matter of fact, they live in it – water is the key to their survival. Make sure basements and attics are well ventilated. Search around for warm and moist areas and try to make them as dry as possible. This can be achieved with dehumidifiers or ventilation fans. Just make sure you remove any excess water and their sources. Fix pipes and leaky faucets immediately!

4.    Dispose All Unwanted/Old Items
Since silverfish like old books, newspapers, and cardboard boxes, it is your responsibility to get rid of those items that have been laying waste in your basement or attic. Silverfish love to feed on them and they use them as shelter as well.

5.    Fill in the Cracks
Silverfish live and breed in cracks. They love places like floorboards, skirting boards too. This is because they thrive, hide, and breed, and feed there. Search for cracks and fill them in! If this doesn’t entirely eliminate them, it will reduce them in the long run.

Note That Silverfish Are Immune to Most Pesticides and Bug Poisons

An insect that has survived over 350 million years should be expected to have developed a strong immune system and tolerance to certain preventive measures, including bug poisons and pesticides. Truth be told, silverfish elimination cannot be effective when you rely on chemicals. This is because pesticides are only effective on adult silverfish and not the eggs. This is one of the major challenges for trying to eradicate them.
The combination of different methods of eliminating silverfish has proven to be more effective than individual solutions. Try to address silverfish issues in your home with the aforementioned techniques, and you will see the amazing results in no time.